Léa Diane | Comédienne Voix et Chanteuse Polyglotte

Léa Diane In English

Neel Naja - 2021

I have been in love with live performances and vocalism since a little girl. I started acting in musicals at 8 years old and then I continued with choir, singing lessons, theater performances, improv acting, circus, dancing, stunts and now I am a trained voice-over artist, dubbing actress, I can mix voices and edit too, I am a singer and an actress (cinema and on stage). 

I continue on training, learning and improving myself and my skills.

I can speak, act and write in English (and Italian), I have quite an American accent (you can listen to my voiceovers here).



Advertising in english

[Institutional voice-over, explanatory, smiling, natural]



English dubbing : 

[Character, feminine voice, children voice]



English voice-over :

[Storyteller, Soft voice, Feminine voice]

I’ll be really glad to work with you ! 


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